Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Rules

the draft will go like this: it's called a "snake draft" meaning we wrap around so #8 picks twice at the end of Rd 1 and the beginning of Rd 2.

Round 1: #1-10
Round 2: #10-1
Round 3: #1-10
Round 4: #10-1

you can pick males or females in any order. so if you want to take 3 females before you take a male, that's fine. but you must take a total of 3 males and 3 females.

3 female celebrities
3 male celebrities

scoring system (each time one of your celebrities shows up, score it accordingly)

5 pts -- cover picture
3 pts -- cover inset picture
1 pt -- picture inside the magazine (each picture)
-2 pts --showing up in "they do it too!" or the bad "fashion police" section
each picture inside the magazine will be worth 1 point. as long as they are identifiable as your celebrity (all questionable pictures will be reviewed by the commissioner), the point is yours. backs of heads will not count unless it's clearly the celebrity in question.

there have been times in us weekly where they ran a calendar spread of a celebrity (lindsay lohan). the number of pictures included in those 2 pages were about 15. initially i wanted to set a cap for the number of points one could receive from a set of pictures. but for now, we'll just do the 1 point per picture.

so if there's some boxed feature about the many outfits of teri hatcher through the years and there are 5 pictures of her all side by side, it counts as 5 points. we may have to change this eventually. but for now, enjoy the windfall.

add/drops (waivers)
we will allow add/drops of new players from the release of the new issue, friday, until the following tuesday. the reason for shutting down is that by tuesday, you can find most of the new us weekly's contents online.

add/drops will work through a simple reverse order of standings from that week (so if i'm in last place, i get the first choice of waivers that week). the first week of competition, waivers will not be available.

once a player is dropped, they are not available for pick up until the week after they were dropped.

trades are allowed. any combination of players can be traded. if more players are traded away than received, the roster will be filled out through the next waiver process.

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